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Header Sticky

This is a premium module, available with StarterBlog Pro. You would need to activate the module from Appearance > StarterBlog Options  > Header Sticky

You can find the Header Sticky option in the Customizer on Appearance → Customize → Header →  Header  Sticky.

Setting Header Row Sticky

Header Builder is designed with 3 rows (Header Top, Header Main, Header Bottom), so you can set sticky for each row you want.

To enable sticky for header row, choose a header row and then check the option, e.g., Sticky Header main.

Advanced Settings

  • Show header sticky when scrolling up only: If check this option sticky header only show when you scroll up.
  • Sticky Wrapper Styling: When your header row(s) stuck, you may need to change the border and box shadow, let add here.
  • Sticky Logo: Add the logo when your header is sticky.
  • Sticky Retina Logo: Add the logo when your header is sticky on the retina screen.
  • Logo Max Width: Changing the logo max width value depend on each desktop, tablet or mobile screen.

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