What does Customer Support cover? – Support Policy

What does Customer Support cover? – Support Policy

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Even though we go out of our way to make sure you have a positive experience, we realize that you may still have some queries regarding our offerings. In such situation, we offer our users documentation & help, enabling you to quickly launch your WordPress site.

In our Support Policy, we clarify everything you should know about our support.

Support Methods
We recommend you to use email support for account & pre-sales related questions. We encourage you to check our Documentation before submitting any support requests.

We don’t offer phone or social media support. We only email support.

Support Hours
We strive to answer all support requests within 24 hours excluding weekends. However, we will try to answer the support questions asap. Please note that response time might be slower during weekends. And we may be located in a different time zone than yours, so that may affect the response time as well.

What Our Support Covers
We only offer support for the products that we have developed. We are more than happy to assist you with installing & making them work as we promised.

We test our products before making them available for our users, but we are humans and we make mistakes. If you find any bug in our products then please report them to us. We will fix them as soon as possible and will include them in future updates.

What Our Support Doesn’t Cover
The basic support does not include customization services like :

  • installing your theme or plugin on your server.
  • older versions of our products. It’s recommended that you always use the latest version of our products, as well as of WordPress.
  • reviewing or fix errors in a custom code (PHP, CSS, javascript, …) that you wish to include in your theme.
  • developing custom code snippets, or adapt already existing code snippets, to customize your site.
  • doing a performance optimizations, or an SEO audit of your website.
  • fixing a compatibility problem with a plugin or theme from another company.

We don’t give general WordPress support. If you have any issues with your WordPress installation then WordPress Support Forum is the place to ask.

We don’t provide support for any sort of customizations which the theme isn’t made for. In other words, we don’t provide support for anything which changes the look and functionality of our products.

We will try our best to point you in the right direction or give you our advice if we are able to do so, but we don’t take any responsibility for customization.

If you are looking for someone to customize our product for you then we recommend you Codeable.

We may amend our Support Policy from time to time, so please make sure that you’re aware of the changes.

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