10 best CSS snippets for your next Bootstrap project

CSS3 has been a great weapon for frontend developers. With the ever-changing design trend, developers always wants to create something new. Well, you can use today’s CSS snippet collection to take inspiration for building an extraordinary website template.

10 awesome CSS snippets for your next Bootstrap project

CSS Snippets

10. Expanding Photo Stack

There are lots of photo slider/gallery plugins available on the web. Here is an example of expanding photo gallery which responds with mouse hover action.

A extremely sophisticated image gallery created by Zed Dash, with the number of items varying based on the size of the screen and the photos being stacked horizontally in very tiny cards. A extremely smooth animation occurs when you click on a narrow picture; it expands and the already expanded image collapses.

Try the archived copy on GitHub if the pen isn’t working for you.

9. CSS3 Checkbox Styles

An HTML element that accepts user input is a checkbox. With pseudo elements like:before,:after, hover, and:checked, it is possible to customize a checkbox. The default checkbox can be hidden by setting the visibility property’s value to hidden before the user styles the checkbox.

Take into consideration the CSS-styled HTML checkbox as an example.

You can create rich elements like these in the above example using CSS3. You may use them on your own projects or take inspiration to develop newer ones. (Licensing policy applies).

8. CSS3 Loading animations

Visitors anticipate seeing some sort of response when they click a link or button on your website. But, if nothing occurs, the majority will assume that something is wrong. Before customers realize that your website has been processing their request, they will rapidly move away. Loading is everywhere irrespective of your internet speed or computer’s processing power. The digital world needs ‘loading’ icons in many purposes. Try these loading animations for your projects!

7. Solar System with Pure CSS

This piece shows the solar system at a glance where the planets and other objects are moving round the sun. You can use this snippet in other purposes too, just be creative!

6. Parallax Landscape

Do you like natural beauty? Oh yes, who doesn’t! This CSS snippet has a lightweight and responsive landscape you can use as a background or as the main graphic element of the page. A website’s surfing experience may be enhanced by parallax scrolling by making it more engaging and dynamic. In its most basic form, parallax scrolling is a three-dimensional effect that gives a website additional depth.

5. Movie Credits

A stream of texts flows from bottom to top (or opposite) when a movie ends- yes I’m talking about ‘credits’. If you want to get that effect on your site template, use this snippet.

4. Page Editor Animation

If you are planning to develop a template for startups or app landing page which will show some instructions/guidelines for users, this snippet will be definitely helpful.

3. 3D Boxes

These boxes are multipurpose which you can use to create a photo gallery or a portfolio page. When the user hovers mouse on a box, that spins and shows predefined texts.

2. Google Material Design Input

Web giant Google’s material design has a flat and unique user experience design. You can use this input form designed in material style with animation. Material is a flexible set of rules, elements, and tools that promotes the ideals of user interface design. Material, which is supported by open-source code, facilitates developer and designer cooperation and aids teams in producing stunning products rapidly.

1. Pricing Table

Every business needs a pricing mechanism which can be well-presented in tabular format. Here is a responsive pricing table set example with code snippets.

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