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5 ways to be a successful freelancer!

Freelancing is a buzzword, both in developed and developing countries. People are increasingly choosing to freelance to make a living. Competition for successful freelancers is going up in the freelance marketplaces like UpworkFiverrFreelancer, LinkedIn ProFinderHubstaff TalentOutsourcely, and so on. At this stage, one must mark himself different than others in order to win a bid and achieve the ultimate success. But how?

Here we discussing 5 valuable points behind being a successful freelancer. 
How to Be a Successful Freelancer 5 tips

1. Know Yourself, What is you capability

There are three types of people in the world of freelancing.
First, the full-time ones, who are totally professional in freelancing and don’t involve traditional office-desk based jobs.
The second group comprises those who are part-time freelancers. They continue fixed jobs and freelance projects simultaneously.
The third type is confused, guys. This group is in danger. If you cannot establish yourself in freelancing, you won’t be able to make a reasonable outcome from it. That’s a really really bad thing for an individual, a family and broadly, for an economy.

So at first know yourself, evaluate your skills, discover your interest in learning new things frequently and adaptability. If you have confidence and determination, you can be successful freelancer in any field. To find your strengths and weaknesses and continue reading this article. 

2. Keep Options

You may find some people saying like they would have only a single target and they must achieve that. Now listen to me. Forget the “single target” theory. Career is not a mission. It’s much more than a vision. I assume you know the difference between mission and vision. The earlier one is relatively short term and the later one is the long term phenomenon. However, don’t try to be over smart.

Always keep a backup option. If you do full-time freelancing as a successful freelancer, that’s great, but don’t rely on a single marketplace or a single client. Your current client can be awesome, but I’ve heard several stories where clients ended contracts just because the freelancers asked to raise the rate.

The virtual world is full of risk factors. Your marketplace profile may face limits, your project may be called off and many more can happen. To maintain more than one marketplace profile (of course on different marketplaces, because one may not be allowed to have a double account on a freelancing site at once). Create own portfolio site to get clients from outside marketplaces. Build a network.

3. Better Manage Your Time

Time is the prime resource to a freelancer. Plan and organize your time to utilize it to the greatest extent. Time trackers (for the client or personal) can play a good role in measuring freelancer productivity. Use note-taking apps like Evernote, Google Keep, etc. to schedule and complete your assignments timely. Punctuality and responsibility are weighted heavily in freelance jobs. Updating yourself with time is the key to being a successful freelancer 

4. Go for the Right Project

The key to becoming a successful freelancer is to prove yourself worthy by choosing the right project, There are bad guys in the freelance marketplace too. Do some analysis before bidding for a project. Is the client reliable? What do the ratings and reviews tell about the buyer? Is the client’s payment method verified? There are many questions. There are some clients who post projects with high budget estimates but they get vanished after receiving works. Use advanced payment options of your freelance marketplace or only work for trusted clients. Failing to identify the right client is a miserable shortcoming of a freelancer, so beware of this. 

5. Learn New Things

Skill, skill, skill… Everything has room for development to death. Stay updated with the latest trends in your industry, learn new skills and connect with the community. Freelancing sites offer a number of skill tests. Take tests and add some brilliance to your profile. No skill can do alone. Learning relevant kinds of stuff can provide a huge advantage. Suppose you are a content developer. If you know how to manage content in WordPress, Joomla, and such other CMSs, that will help you perform your tasks with more ease. Improve communication skills to avoid misunderstandings. Keep studying and repeat.

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